Derphartox has added lesional psoriasis skin explant culture and the imiquimod mouse model of psoriasis to its portfolio [See News]

Experts in the humanized mouse transplant model of psoriasis

Derphartox is a Contract Research Organization, based in The Netherlands, which specializes in pre-clinical skin research. Its mission is to provide companies with information on the safety and efficacy of lead compounds which can be used to support any decision to proceed to clinical studies. Derphartox does this by using in vitro and in vivo models which have been shown to be reliable indicators of toxicity and efficacy in man.

A good example of this approach is the way Derphartox modified the SCID xenograft psoriasis model for routine use. Most researchers remove large samples of split-skin from volunteers using a dermatome and transplant ±1cm2 pieces. This makes it difficult to recruit the number of volunteers necessary for routine drug testing and also limits the size of any 1 project. Derphartox validated a modification of this model using 5mm diameter full-thickness skin biopsies.

erasmusVolunteers have no problem in donating these small biopsies so that volunteer availability is no longer a limiting factor.

Derphartox will be offering a wide spectrum of in vitro and in vivo models for different skin diseases, wound healing and in vitro toxicity testing supported by the expertise present in Derphartox and Experimental Dermatology.